Kenapa Kita Kena Cakap Bahasa Inggeris?

by - August 06, 2017

This whole idea suddenly came into my mind this morning. I was thinking about it on how should I tell our society that we HAVE to know english. I don't know if this make sense but I've been studying people for the past few years and finally I am brave enough to write this entry. To be very honest, I myself don't really know how to talk in English (Hence, the way I write) but I tried and I must admit that talking in english is not easy. Plus, I usually use the typical words that we Malaysians know, it's not like I talk using the bombastic words we've learnt in our school.

This thought suddenly came to me when a friend of mine (let's call her Z), admit that our friend Y doesn't really understand english. So Z told me that whenever we have our presentation, we have to talk in Malay, so that everyone can understand what are we trying to tell the audience (aka my classmates)

The moment she told me that, I felt so sad. Knowing that few of my friends still think that we should present in other way. I think this 'uni phase/life' is the moment we could improve our skills you know. The presentation, the assignment etc. are the way how we should improve our skills. I know it's mostly based on our soft skills but you know, our world is getting more progressive. There will be a lot of kids know how to talk in English (in early 3 years old, and also Malay) because of all these social media like Youtube, they watch Pegga Pig, Baby Shark etc. The parents started to teach them through technologies to learn this worlwide language. But how our generation know? I mean, my fellow friends, what happened to us? Why won't we started to learn this language?

And you know, we have this (so called) community, 'mak cik facebook'. I found out that they will start to judge you when you post something on facebook.

I don't know why we always judge people. I admit that when I was younger I keep judging my friends without knowing the whole story about it. I talked bad things about them to my other friends and told them that this person is bad. Until one fine day, I realized that judging is bad. We should have a positive thinking. We have to imagine what happen if we are at their position. We have to look thoroughly the whole aspects. I hope one day there will be no more people judging anyone else. The world is evolving. Looking at the kids now, I know, I hope that we could be a better country one day, InsyaAllah. #justmy2cents

I know this post is quite sensitive and I have a lot of things to tell y'all. Let me think for awhile. I will post the part 2 of this entry soon. :)
Thank you for reading!

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