Monday, May 08, 2017

Adam, The Whisperer Baby


Maybe some of you guys might think this is going to be a horror story but it is actually not! It's about this baby boy, anak jagaan my mak. He's really one of a kind to me, I feel like I want to make a blog series about him, The Whisperer Baby (ok he's actually a toddler!).

In a matter of fact, he's a normal kid, not that he has syndrome down or what.

Why I call him The Whisperer Baby? He's so quiet. Whenever he wants something, like he wants to eat, pee, milk etc. he will whisper to the people surround him. I'm currently not working so I help my mak to babysit  him. He will whisper to me what he wants. At a point, I need to whisper to communicate with him! Told ya he's quite something!

He's a chubby kid and the cutest I've ever met! (Of course, baby is the cutest!)

But not when his big brother gets back from school, he's so loud! His big brother's name is Aidil. (Pelikkan? It supposed to be ADAM firt baru nama lain hahaha) They both have opposite attitude! His brother is so fierce and talkative but Adam is so quiet and sangat penyabar!

Whenever they fight, My mak needs to cool down Aidil first and after that Adam. Hahaha I can tell Adam is growing up to be a handsome and patience (and maybe shorter) guy!

That's all for today. I'm afraid it's going to be so panjang and nanti bosan pulak.

If you want to follow this story, go to right tab of my blog, and scroll down a bit until you find 'label', I'll put the label's name 'The Whisperer Baby'

Talk soon,buh-bye!

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