Tuesday, May 02, 2017

I eat bread with tissue? (pre-post)

Salam/hi everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day today! Don't forget to spread positive vibes! Hehehe I know my greeting is quite long because I am so happy today! Today is the day to get my first ever PAID JOB! Lol, I know I'm quite excited because who knows, I just started blogging 2 months ago and now I finally made it! (Expect the next 2-3 posts is about the job I;m talking about hehehe #katasapot) I hope CHEESE AND CINCAU will always grow up to be a better and bigger platform! Not just about my personal life, but also about everything I like! Just what I mention before, to be able to share my passion on here! Ok, I think that's A LONG INTRO... Sorry for that, I'll start the entry now!

But before that...

I recorded this video few days ago! And I promised myself that I'm going to upload THE WHOLE VIDEO when this video 👇 gets 50 views! Hehehehe

We still need 15 views more! Come on! Help me to get 50 views!

If you watched this video, pls pls pls let me know on the comment section below! So that I know you are from my blogger friends! (In exchange, I'll blogwaking/follow you if I rajin :p)

AND ALSO! Don't forget to SUBCRIBE my channel and LIKE THE VIDEO! <3


Talk soon, buh-bye!