Monday, June 19, 2017

The Struggle.


While writing this, I'm in the warden office because I need their signature before I go back home. Note that we need to have warden's permission to go out ONLY on Monday - Thursday. I want to go back home on Thursday so, here I am with my (almost 20) friends & seniors included.

Fortunately, this office is comfortable enough for me to just sit and stare people. My connection line here is somehow so slow -_____- 

I never experience living in dorm so I think the struggle is REAL here. I thought asking for warden's signature is easy — BUT IT's NOT! Read more if you want to know why I said that. 

One week ago.
My friends and I were asking people (note: seniors) and willing to call warden because we eagerly wanted to go back home on Thursday (because we didn't have any class to attend on Friday too)

I was the one who called each of our level's warden (each level has warden in charge). Imagine, I need to call 3 different warden just for THEIR SIGNATURES.

My warden's friend is her warden's block (something like the leader of the block) 

Maybe she had a bad day, I almost got scolded by her 😂 She told us that we should get warden's signature on the night before the day we want to go back home! Urgh!


Around 10pm, our warden is finally there. We are queuing like worms 😂

Ok that's all for today. 

Thank u for reading! Love u!

- I'm writing this on the iphone's note while waiting for the warden in charge! Hehe -

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