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This is actually my very first experience to try on a sleeping mask, because I don't really use mask due to my (kinda) hectic days and I was so tired to do the mask part at night. I only rajin to put on the basic/important part for my night skincare routine. asked me to give it a try last week. So I decided to try it on for 3 nights which I use it in a week.


1. Price: RM49
2. Texture: Gel and it also has this seed-y texture which I loveeeeeeeeee it
3. It hydrates my face throughout the night.
more sincere review is on my youtube channel!

How to use?

This is my personal ways on using it.

1. Apply toner on your face.
2. Apply Yogic Sleep Mask on your face thoroughly.
3. Make sure you are in front of  a fan or switch on your air-conditioner to feel extra.
because I personally love that way. It has a cooling effect when you do that.
4. Go to sleep!
5. Wake up and you will feel that your face is not dry/extra oily anymore! (my favorite part!)

That's all from me!

So what are u waiting for?
Contact them to purchase!


See ya when I see ya!

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