Wednesday, March 22, 2017



I'm so happy today because FINALLY I passed my driving test!!! 😂😂😂 Apologies if you think I'm overreacting tho 🙎  You don't know how nervous I was these past few days. Fuhh! nasib baik I could handle it with ease.

I was so nervous today when I saw my name is TOP 5 in the waiting list to be tested. Well, I was that number 5 actually 😔 . But, they didn't follow the name list. They just randomly choose who is going to be tested at the litar or jalan raya first. I was so lucky that I got my jalan raya test first. Because the worst part is with pegawai JPJ beside of you while judging the way you drive. Again, I was so lucky to get a cool Pegawai JPJ hahahaha. The end of the jalan raya test, he commented something like

 'InsyaAllah awak boleh drive dengan baik. confident awak bawak kereta ni'

Hehehehe I know mannnnn. Don't you know I've been driving (without license) for 2 years? without kena tangkap? 😔  HAHAHAHA Kidding peeps.😂😂

The litar part is the best part actually. I never expected it to be so easy. At my Driving school, they only have two stations for the pegawai JPJ which are for Bukit and parking (which means they only look at that part) The other stations takde orang pun jaga hahahha. So i just did it cincai way. Hehehehhe

Ok that's all what happened during my driving test today! ✔

Again, I'm so sorry if you think I am overreacting over this! Hahahaha I even edit this with full of passion 😂😂

Millions of THANK YOU to everyone who wished me good luck; my family, my closest friends and also people who so kindhearted wished me tadi before the test hehehehehe

That's all for now!


I have a big news! I'm currently filming my new video for my youtube channel! 😜 Are you as excited as me?

Can you guess what kind of video I am filming?

Choose which one 👇  tweet me (@nitzforshort) the answer! or comment down below! 💖💖💖

1. Fashion
2. Food

ok buh-bye!

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