Friday, May 19, 2017

Birthday Surprise FOR ME!


Last Friday, Nadia and Mardhiah threw a birthday surprise for me! The fun part is I actually knew they were about to make a birthday surprise for me! 😂 #sorryb

Of course I knew it was actually a surprise because they've been acting weird on our whatsapp group!

Mardhiah started mentioning my name instead of everyone in our whatsapp group, started from there I noticed something is wrong! And then, Nadia started to ask that I should go Drive-Thru instead of eat at McDonalds. So, I just followed their instruction... I'm so tired to type so if you want to know more you can watch my vlog! 😂 I'll share it at the end of this post!

I received these items, a purse and pendrive (with cake! Yeay, u two got extra points from me for that 😂). Also a note from Nadia which I think I shouldn't share it here. #justprivatestuff

After we done with photo shoot, unwrapping the gifts and all, it's time to eat!

Hehehe, thanks you two for preparing these stuff and the prizes! I really appreciate it! I hope we still keep contacting each other!

Here's a vlog of my birthday surprise!

Talk to you guys soon!


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