Thursday, November 23, 2017

Last Minute.


After few days of not blogging, I feel weird to type again. lol. nonsense. hahaha.

My next semester will be started on this Monday. I need to be at my college on Saturday for the dorm's registration. So this might be the last blog post before I go there and for sure it will takes me for such a longggg time to blog again when I start busy with my study. 

Thank you so much to the companies who have been approaching me for a job request and patiently waiting for me to reply because your girl out here is trying to be the best student, yow!

Ok back to the topic, LAST MINUTE.

I need to pay all the fees for my next semester within this week but unfortunately I have few issues and I thought I couldn't afford to pay all the fees. 

So I kept thinking about it until today, Alhamdulillah there is enough rezeki for me to pay the fees by today - which is kind of last minute because I need to prepare all the forms by this Saturday.

So today I went to bank to pay the fees. I did the usual thing, fill in the forms with doubt because mannn this is my first time filling form and I don't know what should I do, hahaha.

So I went to the counter to get my queue number and he stared at my forms for awhile and said...

err dik, awak kena isi ini, ini, ini dan ini...

I was blur for awhile because I MADE A LOT OF MISTAKES kot!

Hahaha so I filled the forms with how he asked me to write.

So I'm done with my forms and took my queue number. Lucky for me there weren't really a lot of people queuing. So when it was my turn, I went to the counter and told her that I want to transfer my money and she asked me,


and I answered, yeah

suddenly my mind asked me, wait, wait a minute... Doesn't the money I bring should be in the exact amount? Why is there a lot of money left in my purse?

Until I realized that I gave the wrong amount. So I quickly told the 'banker',

eh sorry boleh tak saya cancel transaction tu? Saya salah letak amount

She sighed and looked at her colleague...

Ok I was a bit mortified standing there awkwardly.

So she asked me to refill the form with the exact amount I need to transfer.

and story goes on with the boring part.....

Moral of the story,

please don't do things on last minute especially if it is so important, ok? It will burden other people too if you do everything on last minute. 

Do you have any last minute story you want to share? Let me know on the comment section!


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