Wednesday, March 29, 2017

behind the scene of my vlog!


As I fill in this entry, I'm uploading my new YOUTUBE video on my channel! I hope you are excited as I am! It's been quite awhile I haven't update my youtube channel! I hope it's going to be a great video because I'm trying to make it so much fun!

I feel so special when I post something new here which makes me decide that I want to share all of the BEHIND THE SCENE! 😉😉

Well, actually I wanted to include my family bonding time but I thought it's unnecessary...

Here are the screenshot(s) from the video I recorded before I met Nadia actually HEHEHEHE

But think about it again, I chose not to upload this part 😟 Sorry!

BY THE WAY, THE VLOG FINALLY UPLOADED! HERE'S THE LINK 👉 VLOG : My favourite lepak place + W.O.R.S.T laksa EVER! 😫😫😫

That's all for today!


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