Thursday, April 06, 2017

Asian Islamic Fashion Week 2017


When I'm typing this I just got back from meeting Nadia and had our McD treats. Now is around 5:42PM. I just realized that I need to update new entry before my #aifw2017 video out on youtube. So, this entry is all about the hype of ASIAN ISLAMIC FASHION WEEK 2017.

Pardon my improper photo because I dont have a nice shot. Hahaha I was in rushed that time. 

I got hyped when I knew Dian Pelangi would be there! I was all excited! At the same time, I was waiting my driving license to be done. At that morning, I got a call from my driving company that my driving license had finally done! YEAY! I straight away asked my mom if I could drive to KLCC and my mom let me! Hehehe.

Drove to KLCC aint that bad. I love how I was too confident with the street and everything. Bahaha. #proud

I arrived there around 3:20PM and I was afraid that I couldn't make it to join the Fashion Talk. But the staff-in-charge said that I still could join it. Alhamdulillah, I managed to join Alia Khan's talk ♡ She gave us some advice about how to start business in fashion industry especially Fashion Muslimah, she shared her journey with Dolce & Gabbana to release a new upcoming collection which is about hijab like abaya, hijab and etc. It was fun to listen everything! I felt like, finally the world started to recognize about us. ♡

Unfortunately, I couldn't be there until the end. I managed to see Dian Pelangi introduce herself on stage. After that, I need to go back home :( That's the sad part actually... But it was all worth it! I love everything about #aifw2017. I could know a lot of muslimah brand all around the asia. There are some famous Malaysian's brands too like AshAnnas, AnaAbu, Cosry, Locka RTW and etc.

I hope I can attend #aifw for the next year too! InsyaAllah.


That's all for today! Have a nice day! I finally could write something benefit entry on my blog! Hehehe

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