Sunday, May 28, 2017

Media launch of perrier new refreshing beverage line-up


Last Thursday, I attended a media launch of Perrier introducing their new Refreshing Beverage Line-up Suitable for Breaking Fast. Don't get this wrong! It's actually a mineral water, not an alcoholic drink!

They claimed this natural water is the most expensive one and have a lot of flavors like lemon etc. (I only know lemon tho!) 

The one I had is original flavor (I think?) It taste something like soda but doesn't have taste(?) hahaha you know what I mean, right? It has this tingling taste on my tongue when I drink it.

I was shocked looking at those (maybe because this is my first time) All of these bottle are lemon flavored. Well, to me I preferred the original one!

And all I cared was only FOOODDDD #obviously

 Meet Mr Mathieu Marchal, Perrier ambassador. I love his French-Eng accent! He gave a speech about the history behind perrier and talk a bit about this beverage

This is Kevin Lee, soulmaker mixologist from Malaysia who have won a lot of awards! He's the one who mix the water I drink on this next photo,

My legs hurt because I stood for almost half an hour to hear the speech and I just need to go back at my place and do this,

hahahaha #takbolehbawakmajlis 

Merci for having me, Perrier Malaysia!

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