Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hermosa did THAT!


Last two weeks, I received a parcel from pinkboxcereal, which I received a set they called 'HERMOSA KIT' on their website! Are you ready to know what's inside this box?

So, I received three items,

1. Hermosa Lip Creme in NUDE THRILL
2. Hermosa 24K Serum
3. Hermosa Cleansing Water

You can purcase these items (in one GOLD BOX!) by clicking this → HERMOSA BEAUTY KIT

Let's talk about them one by one, shall we?

Hermosa Lip Creme (NUDE THRILL)

What I love about this lip creme is the applicator! I like it because it is a transparent applicator, GIRLS! OMG!

For the color, it is more pinkish lip creme, I believe.

Hermosa 24K Serum

Erm, this is like a magic. I could tell. Whenever I applied their serum on my face before I do my makeup, they works wonderful! I also put them on my eyebrow pomade! (Watch it on my Youtube video ↓↓↓)

Oh, I did upload a video on my Youtube channel using this serum! Go watch it! ↓

Hermosa Cleansing Water

Girls, did you remember my previous post talking about their collaboration with pinkboxcereal? (CLICK HERE if you want to read about it) Their cleansing water works LIKE M.A.G.I.C! But I haven't finished it yet! 😩 I'm planning to use that first and then I'm going to use this one later! 

Let me know if you already have one of the lipstick! And share with me on the comment box below! I;m really eager to know! 

That's all from me! Talk soon,

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