Monday, December 25, 2017

Food Review: Boat Noodle's Sangkaya


Today I am going to talk about this dessert that everyone has been lovinnnnnn!

To me, it just a hyped up food.

- it is because it just a normal steamed bread with the pandan(I guess) as the jam.

I really want to try it since I saw a lot of people said this dessert is so so so good! So I decided to give it a try. but sadly, it just a normal dessert.

Price: RM6.90 (exclude GST)
- it is affordable because u will get a loaf of bread (which a lot to eat by one person!). You can share it with your friends (and obviously ask them to pay it half #strategy!)

- I will give it 3/5 Stars
- the pandan is looking good!

Ok, this is a very short and informative blogpost I've ever had! hahaha

Enjoy your Sangkaya, everyone! x

p/s: I had Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea) as my drink!


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