Sunday, December 17, 2017

Product Review: Revlon Colorstay's Foundation.


Today we are going to talk about the very famous foundation(as they are recommended by the most salers in the Guardian, Watsons etc.)!

I started to use this product when I am more serious towards make up and I decided to have a foundation. (#whynot) I went to Guardian (as it was the time I'm broke) and asked my sister's help to choose a right foundation for me.

She told me that her friend recommended her this foundation. I gulped.

Because it is expensive(RM70++) you know, I was 16 years old when I bought it. Hehehe. I told myself that I really need to have it so I bought it without hesitate. I had heard that to buy foundation you have to buy the right one.

After few times using it, I started to feel that I have a VERY flawless face. But right after few hours, I started to regret because.. my face is still OILY. I can't believe it because the seller told me that it is a good foundation for oily faces like mine but she never told me it is the cheaper version (cheaper = lower quality) Hahahah well at least my brain thought it would work like that. So, yeah...

But don't get me wrong because there are few good cheap products in the store which I can't wait to share with you! Hehehe

Oh ya! I forgot to tell you that I will make a review on the products I personally use by using it until I finished! that's mean the product is good! Because there are few products I stopped using them. Urghhhh I hate it when I bought new products and it don't satisfied me, sobs!

things will go and on and on and I know there are few of you going to skip the whole story but it's ok!

Look! I finished it! LOL

I'm going to compile all of my reviews here:

1. Great foundation for oily/combination 
2. price = quality
3. easy to blend
4. coverage = medium
5. long last = NO (4-5 hours max)
6. worth it? = yes, if you have tight budget.
7. it has pump for easy application.


  1. sha jenis takpakai foundation sebab tempek bb cushion hihi

    1. bb cushion rasa ringan sikit berbanding dengan foundation! I prefer bb cushion juga if I'm in rush hehe