Saturday, November 09, 2019

T h e M e m o r i e s.

As the time pass, 
I regret something, 
that I wish I can do it during 'it' happened;  
The Memories.

I keep telling myself, no. 
I keep convincing myself that I do not need any proof, 
or to be exact any photos or videos during special event happen.

Silly me.

I used to tell my friends that I do not need any of these photos or videos
as something to be kept as my personal valuable asset, 
because I believe that every memories are in my mind til death.

But now I realized, 
you CAN or you MAY forget people. 
The latter might be hurt a bit.

you MAY forget people.

I'm having the 'latter' situation now. 
I missed someone. 
Someone that I wish that I can tell everything to her. 
Yes, 'it' is her. 
She is my best friend I consider. 
She was my best friend.
We might still be friend.
But it was not like before. 

Remembering all of the memories 
that silly me 'kept' in the mind. 
I have few, that I wish I can remember till I die.
But does she remember? 
the memories that we have together?

you MAY forget people.

I don't know if she totally forgets me 

It is true when people said, 
breaking your friendship is more hurt than 
breaking your relationship with your partner.

I don't know who shall I blame...

Is it my fault?
Is it her fault?


It is really just a fate.

I wish we can still be like before.
just being silly.
Sit down, eat, laugh like how we used to do.

I don't know if you feel the same just like me.
I don't know if you ever think about me anymore.
I am thinking about you right now, yesterday. everyday.

It sucks that I am not totally moving on yet.
Have you?
Moving on from me?

Nothing but I wish you
to be healthy and happy.
You will always be in my memories
That I will keep
The Memories.

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