Thursday, April 20, 2017

#8 OOTD | In Which Comfortable Means Adventure Time!


Always my favourite outfit, I feel so comfortable wearing it! I know it looks a bit messed up but I really love wearing it! The first time I mixed and match my sling sleeveless top and this blue top, it was when I first bought my Hana Tajima x Uniqlo Collection Hijab in black! I look cool when I wear it with this outfit (probably that's why I love to wear this outfit, kot  #sentimentalvalue)

Plus, it is a multi-functional apparel too. 😂


I went to Ampang Point and KLCC yesterday. Firstly, I wanted to eat Fish N Chip by The Manhattan Fish Market which on sale (gotta get it before it's too late). You know me, I'm not going to let go this one chance of cheaper meal which probably happen once in a year! #notasponsoredpost

If you follow me on Instagram, you know there will be #nitzeatz (A.K.A mukbang) on my Youtube Channel soon! Hope you guys like it! Please please please don't forget to give a BIG THUMBS UP on my video okies!


From now on, I'll start to give you links on where to buy my outfit (If you want to). Just click on the list, you can straight away buy it through the link!

1. Boyfriend Top
2. Sling Sleeveless Top
3. Wide Shawl (Mine in Chocolate)

1. Adidas Superstar Bagpack
2. Silver/transparent glasses

P/s: All the links given are affiliate links which means If you buy stuff I mentioned through the link given, I get commission from the company. Plus, I didn't buy my stuff from the link and you guys can tell, most of the link given are slightly different from my stuff. I'm just giving you some ideas (just in case). And of course, you're not forced to buy through the link, you have the right to buy it at any other store as well!


Talk soon! xx


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