Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Adam loves cat!


Have I told you that I'm going to continue the 'Adam, The Whisperer baby' series? Today, I'm going to continue this series with the fact that he loves cat! Of course he's a normal kid who loves cat but another fact you should know, he really shy to approach the cat. Hahaha he always approach the cat when my adik belai the cat!

Actually, we don't have or bela a cat. This cat, who named Bunny by my adik is a stray cat that always come to our house and randomly get into our house! Oh, Bunny is a male cat by the way!

He loves to belai Bunny's mouth and nose!

Like what I've told you, he is so shy and quiet. So sometimes when he doesn't have anything to do, he will go outside and just sit down with the cat.

But at the some point, he just baring on the floor and play with the cat! 😂

I don't have any picture of him baring but if there is any one day, I will upload it here!

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