Tuesday, May 09, 2017

FOOD REVIEW: Pastamania!


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I went to Sunway Velocity Mall on the last Thursday!

Well, the plan is we want to try out this Italian restaurant, Pastamania!

I ordered their Baked Cheese Rice(?). Unfortunately, my lidah kampung totally can't accept it! Luckily Nadia wants to exchange her meal with me. To me, her meal is not that bad, it just a bit muak. (Nadia's meal is the creamy linguine, in this photo her meal is on the top left)

This is Baked Fish Rice(?)

This is what I ordered! I really want to try Baked Fish Rice ever since we went to Secret Recipe few days before we went here. It smells and tastes like medicine! Urghhhh

The Real Deal:

  1. Food's Presentation: 8/10
  2. Service: They are so niceeee.
  3. Place: So comfortable (at Sunway Velocity Mall)
  4. Price: I was surprised most of their prices are cheaper than Secret Recipe despite their services and place
  5. Overall: 7.5/10
  6. *Extra point: they play good music! which I really enjoy!

Not to forget, the three of us manage to create new menu, Chili Sauce with cheese powder and Chili Flakes on top! Hahahaha

OK, that's all from me! If you have any questions about things you want to know more about it, comment down below!

Talk soon, buh-bye!  

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