Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Skincare Diary ft. Irissential Beauty


First and foremost, Salam Ramadan to every muslims around the world! I hope we have a blessing Ramadan this year. Amiin.

On ze first day of Ramadan ni, I want to share with you My Skin Care Diary! I know most of you is cuti today so why not I share this with you!

Besides, Raya is next month, kan? Y'all don't want to look pweetyyyyy ke? Hehehehe

Ok, let me tell you!

BY THE WAY, If you are so lazy to read you can CLICK HERE to watch ze video on Youtube!

In today's post, I want to share with you my skincare diary which are from  ♡ What I love about their product is their packaging! It look soooo cutee! Just look at the lip scrub  😍

1. Body Mist

This one called Eau So Sweet which has similar sweet smell like The Bodyshop's Vanilla. I've already tried it and it is long-lasting! It also has a soft smell ♡ Not to forget, it can be used when you perform prayers without doubting it! Oh, have I mentioned that this Body Mist doesn't oily?

2. Homemade Face Scrub

I love homemade things especially when I know it's good for my face! This one I must say should be in you FAVORITE LIST of SKIN CARE! Why?

  • It can shrink your acne and pores
  • Remove acne scars
  • Brighten your face
  • Soften your face
  • Anti-Aging
  • Lessen your blackheads
Ingredients? Don't worry it was made from Sunflower Seed Oil, Japanese Pitera & Aloe Vera!

3. Lip Scrub

Do you know that if your lips keep drying and pecah, your lips can bleeding and darken? This is the used of this Lip Scrub! To treat/improve your lips well! If you wants to look like Korean girls, haaa bolehlah cuba pakai ni! Mesti nampak onz! :p

They have few flavors which you can choose!


In this photo, my lip scrub's flavors are Cheesecake (I'm not quite sure because I just looked in a glimpse and it says there 'cheesecake'  but they don't have it in the list given to me? Sorry if I'm wrong! You can just contact ze owner and ask her "the lips scrub nita got ni which flavor eh?' Haa, later they answer laa ok hehehe :p

Where to get these items?

1. Instagram :
2. Facebook : Irissential Beauty
3. Phone Number: 0134563821


1. Service: They are fast.
2. Parcel: Neat. They wrapped the items with bubble wrap.
3. Packaging/Design: I love the design because it's not too plain and not too complicated.
4. Favorite item? I must say I love the Body Mist Eau So Sweet the most! The smell is long-lasting! I can guarantee that!

Oh ya, I shared my skincare diary on my Youtube channel as well! Enjoy!

Talk to you soon!

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