Sunday, June 18, 2017



I went for shopping raya with my cousins yesterday. I'm happy because I finally can go out and take photos. Unfortunately, bad things happened at the end of the day. 

We went to Berjaya Times Square (or TS you called) by LRT  because my cousin wanted to buy baju raya (aka shirts and pants). Roaming around TS ain't that easy because there are a lot of stuff here and there and my mata is so rambang that I almost wanted to borong EVRYTHING! 😣  Shop by shop, my cousin pick few pieces that he liked ( don't worry, my cousins are girl and guy ). Andddddd I also found mine too! hehehe

OK long story short, let's fast forward this whole storyyyy.

The next destination
We went to Sunway Velocity Mall around 5 PM by LRT too. Unfortunately, when we were touched down at LRT Maluri, we didn't know how to go to velocity -_____-.
What we did?
We rode GRABCAR just to go to velocity from LRT MALURI  -_____-  (( take note that LRT Maluri to Velocity Mall only takes 10 minutes))
Fortunately GRABCAR was having a promotion and we just paid RM1 to reach there 😂😂 Fuhhhh.

I wanted to buy some books at the POPULAR store in the mall actually. And guess what? THE BOOKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE!! WHAT???! SO ALL THESE TIME WE WERE RUSHING, THINKING HOW TO GO HERE ARE WORTHLESS?? 😑 Duh.

At the end of this shopping raya
Ok, we are here... in the shopping mall. But... HOW TO GO BACK HOME??? Alaaaaaaaaaa Why so stupid?! We were stuck for one hour in the mall thinking what should we do to go back home before iftar. My cousin check GRABCAR but it's too expensive for us pulak. Call our family but NO ONE wants to pick us up! Isk!

By hook or by crook, we forced ourselves to just walk and walk until we found a way to the LRT MALURI.

This is so embrassing but I just want to tell you that... there's a route between LRT Maluri and Velocity Mall actually but it's not done yet. LOL if I knew, I'll use that route dah tadi.

Few minutes later, we are at the station LRT near our house. We were finally cooling down. I think it's around 7PM and yeah, we couldn't manage to iftar at our house. (( My cousins and I are in the same neighborhood, by the way))

Unfortunately, we iftar at the station. Mineral water, bebola goreng and waffle are our meal for iftar. Hehehe I have auntie anne's eclair with me ((which actually are my brother's)) so... I ate them. Just a few though.

We need to wait and wait because only God knows what time the bus will be arrived here.
We got back home around 8PM.

Moral of the day: I should explore more. I should try to feel how sometimes life is hard and not easy and happy for 24/7. Yeap. Definitely going to live my life with this "moral value"

Talk to ya soon!

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