Saturday, June 17, 2017

Step By Step


I was never a person who knew how to do laundry. Maybe I know but then I simply forget because most of the time, mak is the one who does the laundry. It just there was one moment mak went to kampung and I did the laundry all by myself.

I’ve been in my college for 2 weeks. I learned a lot day by day. Like, how much amount I need to put on my baldi for a certain clothes, what to do if my clothes are not dry yet etc. I started to study which spot that my clothes will dry faster, what time I can do laundry peacefully (because only God knows how many students at my dorm’s level)

I learned a lot.

Growing up is sucks. I warn you (to my little readers out there). Be prepared. You need to manage everything by your own. No one is going to help you. I hate this fact because when I was registering myself into college, I needed to do all by myself. I was afraid (ok I know I'm a bit jujur). A lot of things came into my mind. "What if I did the wrong step? What if they didn't want to accept me? What if.." Everything came into my mind.

But it's okay because 

I’m still learning. We are still learning.

Step by step.

Written on 12/6/17

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