Friday, June 02, 2017

The hype of Silicon Sponge!


I know some of you girls have already know what is silicon sponge and maybe you already have it! Few days ago, I just ordered a silicon sponge which is well-known among instagram celebrities, Lanna Cosmetic!

First and foremost, let me tell you a bit about Silicon Sponge.

What is Silicon Sponge?
- It's a make up tool similar which has similar function like brush and sponge (or beauty blender you say)

Before this, I've been using normal sponge in one pack (which I got 20 sponges in it) from Watsons. After seeing a lot of celebrities been using it, I really want to try it out!

In this post, I'll share Pros & Cons of this silicon sponge!

Oh by the way, this is not a sponsored item! I bought this and all of the thoughts are sincerely from deep of my heart (gituew)!

If you would like to purchase this silicon sponge, I suggest you find the one which includes the pouch. Why? It's easier. Like, you don't have to worry if it's getting dirty. Let say, what happen if this sponge doesn't have their own pouch? Yes girl, it (might be) dirty but it depends on you, if you think you manage to find a clean place/pouch for your silicon sponge, then it's fine! If you somehow like me (aka pemalas), find the one with pouch ok?


1. Long-lasting.
Unlike usual sponge (not a beauty blender ok, that one on the another level!), it can stays clean for a longer time. 

2. flat shaped
Most sponges have the rain drop and diamond shaped. Which I think it might take some space of your makeup bag. But this silicon sponge, just nice in your make up pouch/bag!

3. Less quantity of the product used.
I tried it for the first time using my foundation... Girl, my face looks CAKEY! I know and aware that we should put half pump of the foundation but I... just... put my daily routine ONE PUMP of my foundation on it... So, yeah...

Moral of the story, listen to people's advice!

4. Super clean!
After you have done using it, you can straight away wash your silicon sponge with warm water! THAT'S IT! Unlike sponge, you (maybe) wait for one or two weeks to wash it... right? #becausemetoo


1. Not easy to blend.
I'm not sure if it's me or anyone else having the same problem. To me, it's not easy like the other sponges when it comes to blend. (or maybe because I'm still not used to it)

2. Smell weird.
I don't know if it's only from this brand that it smells silicon and other brands have a great smell(?) I can't guarantee that. but this silicon sponge, the one I brought from Lanna Cosmetic has a strong smell which I don't like! Urgh!

I think that's all from me! Talk soon, buh-bye!

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