Saturday, June 03, 2017

Jonlivia S+ Hotpants


This post is (probably) going to be my last post before I break for awhile... I'm about to puruse my study and InsyaAllah I'll update day by day ok! hehehehe

Let's talk about this hotpants, shall we?

Apparently, I received a hot pants from jonlivia last two weeks ago. I tried it by myself, wear it to jog and also to an event! What I like about it is this S+ Hot pants can be worn to any kind of occasion! To work, event and even to go shopping mall! ♡♥

This hot pants totally should be in one of your wardrobe! Why?

1. It has pocket inside (Which I think it's cool! So stylish!)
2. It is the softest and most stretchable hot pants you (might) ever seen!
3. High-Rise Design - Which means, this incredible hot pants can hide your tummy (trust me on this!)
4. Did I mention it has 4 layers? So that your hot pants won't easily torn out!
5. It also has the strap at the hips there, double layer, it won’t easily burst.

You want to know more on how I look like when I'm wearing it? or maybe you want to watch me talking in front of the camera?

You can (totally) watch it here!

Where to get this?

Facebook: jonlivia
Instagram: jonlivia

Talk soon!

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