Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lapar la...


Just a fun fact, I'm writing this entry while writing notes for my multimedia class (I have quiz for tomorrow, wish me luck!). 

After I did my Maghrib prayer, I asked my room mates for food because I was hungry. Erm, I just ate nasi lemak with ayam goreng actually... My friends was shocked and their reactions are... 


I don't know why but whenever I'm at my dorm I will always feel super hungry (is it just me? Hahaha). I don't feel really hungry when I'm at home though. It's totally weird hahaha

I still remember dis wan time I told my friends that I'm still hungy after ate Nasi Goreng Ayam and she replied to me:

"Tak baca doa kot"

Hmmmmmm bai I gotta eat my crackers cicah MILO duluuuu!

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