Saturday, July 08, 2017

REVIEW | Penang Road famous teochew chendul


Last week before I went to my college, I managed to go for some food hunting with my cousin. We ate a LOT! I didn't know how I could everything in just ONE DAY! WOW! Anyways, let's go straight away to the review!

We ordered the Cendol Durian because I was really curious to know the taste of this super popular cendol! A bit disappointed because I thought they served it with the REAL DURIAN but instead it's the blended durian 😕

I'm fine with that. once it got into my mouth, I was shocked. It's not that bad actually. It tastes super good. But if you ask me on 

- which one I prefer?
    - I prefer the original cendol one

It tastes good but you still think you prefer the original one (or maybe cendol pulut 😍 ) -- does this make sense to you? Hahaha.


1. Place ( @ Sunway Putra mall) : 9/10, because it looks super cool where you can just chill, talk and even have a date there! I loveeeeeee the place so much! ❤

2. Service: 8/10, because I love their cashier! I'm not sure what's her name but she is an old lady (not that old) but has this personality which makes me sooo comfortable talking to her. She is super super nice and soooo lemah lembut!

3. Price: 6/10, because I think it's a bit pricey (obviously because the place itself looks super fancy)

I think that's all the information I need you to know! See ya soon! 
buh-bye! xx

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