Thursday, August 03, 2017


I know the last thing you wants to hear is people calling you Naddy. But I know for sure you won't be mad at me if I call you that :p We don't celebrate your birthday this year like the other years, where I bought a piece of cake from Secret Recipe (like usual) the night before your birthday and surprise you with me bringing the cake to you from school canteen's refrigerator. 

I hope you have a good day on your birthday this year. I know I was late to wish you a proper birthday wish because I was typing this on 3rd of August meanwhile your birthday was yesterday.

I still remember those fights we had, most of them were about simple things but we had few arguments that made me soo annoyed with your attitude! But it's okay, I know those are the things we had to face when we grow up -- fights, happy news, sad news, info (read as: gossip) and much more.

I never really have a friend like you. I must say we have quite few common things that we like and dislike but we still have little argument about that, I guess? Hahaha.

There were a lot of things I want you to know, to comfort you, to tell you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Okay, what I meant by beautiful here not because she's pretty (because she's totally not! *roll eyes* ok I was kidding. Half kidding.) She has a beautiful personality that I should follow. I just love how every time she tells me something like 'life advice' she will mention her mom.

For example,
    "My mom told me that it doesn't matter where you learn, it is about how you could study (aka survive) in the school." -- something like that, like you have to be focus in class bla bla bla

To be very honest, this is one of the life advice that I still remember until now. Big shout out to Nadia's mom for giving birth to this young lady.

Paragraph over paragraph, I just realised that I kept compliment you -___-

It's okay, you deserved it!

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NADIA! I hope your dreams will come true and your life will be beautiful in the future. I know you've been struggling a lot these days but trust me, You Only Live Once, make it till the end. It's all not about the ending, it's the destination we should appreciate.

To many more of years with you by my side! ♡

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