Thursday, August 03, 2017

top 5 (my) favorite songs! - JULY EDITION


I know this is something rare for you (my supportive readers) because I never really share music and I never thought of sharing with you my favourite songs! I'm a bit late when it comes to music, so maybe there will be a lot of old but gold songs in my list! Hope you like it!

Not to forget, I would like to take this moment to just wish 'Happy End of July!' Hahaha.

WELCOME AUGUST! I hope I'll experience a lot of things throughout the month! ♡

1. GDragon - Bullshit (Kwon Ji Yong EP album)

The moment Kwon Ji Yong EP album comes out, I straight away bought this album because I know — this album is about to be good mannn! 

Bullshit was my first favorite song in the album until I heard the other songs in this album, I just love them all but BULLSHIT — has a place in my heart ♡♡

2. Gdragon - Super Star (Kwon Ji Yong EP album)

I know I'm addicted to this album but I can't deny that this song should deserve an award. It tells a story about how does it feel to be the real super star - A MASTERPIECE

3. Jamies Athur - Say You Won't Let Me Go

I heard this song for the first time on the radio. I love the melodies of this song! I felt that I need to buy this album and I really BOUGHT IT OMG (I spend a lot of money for songs mannn)

The other thing I love about this song is the story behind this song — "Just say you wn't let gooooo~"

4. Yuna - Lullabies

I told you I'm a bit late to hear such a LEGEND song. This song suddenly came into my mind when I just randomly sing a random song. I thought I need to buy this because this song is my lullaby.

5. Cakra khan - Mencari Cinta Sejati

Mannnn, I know I'm late when I hear how good is this song! I forgot when I started to love this song but duh, I don't have any words to desrcibe how GOOD THIS SONG IS!


Have you heard all of these songs?
If yes, which one? and why?
If not, what is your favorite song that you keep in your playlist so far?
Let me know!


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