Sunday, August 20, 2017

Muzium Negara Trip

I have assignment for my Pengajian Malaysia (same like Sejarah) class. Well, it's actually we have to make a folio about the given topic and me being extra, went to Museum to have extra marks. The sad part was I WENT TO THE WRONG MUSEUM. I couldn't find any info related to my group's topic! Sorry to my dearest teammates, I don't think we can get extra marks for this assignment :(

Anyways, let just forget about it. Back to the topic,

We (my father to be specific) were planned to ride the new MRT but after few thoughts we agreed to just ride the car to the Muzium. After calculating all of the cost my dad has to pay (MRT + Tickets + meal) he decided we should bring the car instead. I really want to ride MRT but there is no much time... and money. Plus I don't have a friend to accompany me to ride MRT at the moment.

I wasn't ready yet but... nevermind.

I was so excited to bring my camera. I thought we can't bring the camera but the counter man said we can bring camera but NO FLASH PLEASE!

Manusia perak, he's everywhere in the Sejarah textbook, trust me. I'm not sure if this is the real one but it says here replika(?) Does it mean it's not real? Hmmm

Of course, after a whole trip there will be makan-makan time (my favorite part!). There is a family of ang mo standing there in front of the food. (At the cafeteria, they use the layan diri (self serve) service). I think they were a bit confused on how it works. I wanted to approach them and tell them what should they do but I think they already knew after seeing few Malays took the rice and the lauk. OK, abort mission nita.

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