Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wong Solo, Rain, Pizza Hut = Disappointment

Going outside at a wrong time today. I went to printing shop which is 2.5km away from my house. I promised myself I wanted to treat myself sotong goreng tepung after I’ve done with my task for today. Unfortunately, right when I arrived at the printing shop, it started to rain. OMG. I wish it just a normal hujan. But it wasn’t… HUJAN LEBAT KOT!

I told myself doesn’t matter what happen I want to eat at WONG SOLO! TAK KIRA! quarter away (is this make sense?) to the WONG SOLO, I changed my mind maybe I should just eat somewhere near my house. Luckily there’s Pizza Hut here around my house. So yeah, here I am pouring my heart out with my camera in front of me, recording every seconds of me eating pizza… while it’s raining here. I felt like a singer who is recording his/her music video. #newalbumcomingsoon #NunaZarai

I’ve planned this yesterday so everything was well prepared – power bank, laptop, camera and also earphone are in my bag. Hahaha
I iz sad when I got to know that I couldn’t eat at wong solo L see ya on the next month wong solo. T_____T

Here’s the best part of the day:

While I’m on my way to the Pizza Hut I was shocked and panic when OUT OF SUDDEN my view is so BLURRY! I mean the car’s mirrors were like blurry in the front, left right like legit every mirror! I didn’t know what should I do and I just stopped beside the road and ALMOST CALL MY DAD asking for help until I remembered he once said “when the mirror starts to be blurry you have to switch on your air-con.”

I forgot that I switched off the air-con and straight away switch it on when I thought about what dad told me before. I also lap the mirror before I start the journey… Fuh!! Pstt, my parents didn’t know this whole panic moment. Imma just going to keep this as a secret! Hehehehe

ok update: I've told my parents.

Oh just in case you want to see the video I’ve mentioned, click the video down here!

Thank you for your time to read this blogpost. Nothing interesting, just how my day went like for today.

Not to forget, I forgot to film the best product in this entire WORLLDDDDD. #staytuned

Talk soon, buh-bye!

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