Saturday, September 23, 2017

Furley Products!


Few months ago, I received few products from Furley!

I've tried their femmist product before and it is so good so far! I have tried few feminine wash and FemMist is the easiest one to use so far! 


: You just have to spray it on your intimate area and wait for 1 minute. Voila! it's as easy as ABC.
: It doesn't have strong smell like any feminine wash
: Travel sized. So easy to bring it to anywhere!
: suitable for all skin type
: pH friendly!

Their Spray8 not that bad either. 

What is Spray8?

It is a nature based Skin Remedy which means it can help you to heal your wound. I haven't try it before (because I don't really have any wound on my body...) Heeeeee But I could convince you that this is going to be a good wound-healer because it is a NATURAL product!

So what are you waiting for?

Purchase these two items at:

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