Thursday, September 07, 2017


Three weeks ago, I received a parcel from Natural Elixir company. They asked me to try their Hijab Shampoo.

OMG, GIRL! If you are a hijabist (even if you're not!) pls pls pls try this amazing shampoo I've been using for the past few weeks! I must admit that I love THIS shampoo more than mo previous shampoos!

When I first received this item, I thought this shampoo is going to be like any normal shampoo I tried. After few days using it OMG! Love love love!

I remembered when I used this shampoo for 12HRS (while wearing hijab for 3hrs), it still smell SO FRESH, SO GOOD that I keep smelling my hair every seconds! Hehehe who doesn't want to have a very sweet-scented hair, right?

As you can tell on the label (refer the pic above), it is

For Covered Hair
For all hair types
Anti-Hair loss 
Prevents Dandruff and Excess Oil

So far after using this shampoo, I realized I still have my hair lost and excess oil (but sometimes my hair is super smooth hihihi). Maybe I don't use the right technique or something wrong somewhere.


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