Monday, November 06, 2017

Life Lesson #1: Salaat (Solat)


I finally figured out my blogging time. It would be before sleep actually. Hahaha it's like a reflection to myself before I sleep! But I love the idea of me, typing something and remind myself that I can be a better person with sharing my thoughts about something to my blog readers. InsyaAllah I will try my best to post more about good deeds.

Anyways, I'm going to talk about Salaat today.

This blog post was inspired by this servant of Allah on twitter, which he made a thread about Salaat.

I figured I need to share this with all of you. There are plenty reminders on his thread but there are few of them that I want to post it here. These thread keep playing in my mind like, "I have to let everyone know about this!"

There are TOP 3 reminders on this thread which I think it is so deep.


This one is really like mainstream reminder you could find on Google but really, what he tweeted is true.


"can't spare LITREALLY minutes to pray" 

really touches my heart. I realized that I'm busy with my own Dunya that sometimes I feel IT IS OK to not perform salaat once in awhile. Allahu. I feel so bad to think like that but trust me, everyone of us want to be a better person every each day. InsyaAllah we can :).


This tweet, really gives the biggest impact in me that I told myself, "I should share this on social media" So, through my blog it is I share with you about this thread.

I quote,
"Everyone sins and we always will, but prayer must be constant"

MasyaAllah, I just realized this. I realized that I have to know I WILL make SINS everyday but to leave Salaat - is just something so cruel. Ya Allah Ya Rabb, I hope through this sharing every one of us will always perform their Salaat. Amiin.

That's all for my reflection today.
Till the next post,


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