Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Forgive & Forget.


I know we have a lot of stories to talk about the biggest problem in our life. Forgive & Forget. As a human being, I cannot deny that I never had a problem, heck, I even had more than one problem now. But have we ever thought on just forgive & forget? 

Guess our ego is more important than our relationship.

I had a small talk with my friends earlier on. We give our advice/suggestion on this particular topic. 

When we have a problem, we should settle it down as fast as we could. This might be not easy but I know, deep down our heart we don't want these problems to keep lingering in our mind. We wish we could run from problem, we wish problem does not exist in our mind. 

Everyone wish for it.

But this is one of God's test for us.

As a servant, we shall try to settle it at least.
Don't run from it. 

Wanna know what advice I told them?

1. I personally think that as a human, I shall forgive everyone who do, talk and pray bad things to me. To forget? I will but it takes time.

Not everyone forget what people did to them.
including me.
It is not that easy.

2. As a human, I always pray the best for people who struggle in their life, who do good deeds and also to those who do, talk, pray bad things to me. 

I make mistakes too, every. single. day. But then I always reflect to myself that these mistakes shouldn't be happened. 

3. reflection.

I am always hoping that I can be better tomorrow. But man, I am still the same, totally having a bad attitude on the next day just like yesterday. I felt upset sometimes that it bugs my mind.

4. Last but not least, like what I mentioned earlier on, I forgive people who did bad things to me. I know how hard it is to apologize to people we hurt. And that's the reason why I forgive them, whoever it is. I prayed to Allah everyday, telling Him that I forgive them.

You know that particular hadith/surah (I can't remember) telling that people who did bad things to other human being, couldn't be forgiven if they don't seek forgiveness from them?
I feel so bad if I didn't forgive them.

That's all from my reflection today.

So, have you forgiven people who did mistakes to you? I hope you forgave them! :)

Thank you for your time to read this! Means a lot to me,

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