Monday, February 19, 2018

Chinese New Year's food hunting!


First of all, I would like to say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to everyone who celebrate it! I know I might be probably late to wish this but it's ok. As long as everyone enjoy CNY this year!

I had my mid-sem break during this CNY week so here I am! Hunting some good food (finally!) hahahha

Let just start my adventure shall we?

1. MILANO cafe's lasagna

No other western restaurant can beat this heavenly delicious lasagna! 
This lasagna costs me RM9.00
also, they serve it with a full plate of carbonara (i think) sauce!
ermmmmmmm so nyummmm!

p/s: MILANO cafe is located at food court, KLCC

2. J.Co Donuts!

I was waiting for my friend to withdraw some cash so I decided to have dessert at!

This one called Oreo Cheesecake or something (I forgot) but the filling of this doughnut is cheesecake and on top of it is oreo crumbles!
one piece of doughnut cost me RM3.00
I only bought one tho hehehehehe

p/s: I went to J.Co Donuts @ MyTown, Cheras
pss: not only they have donuts, they also have some good burgers!

3. Angry Chicken 

I ordered Angry Cheese Chicken

the cheese is in the chickennn. As you can see, there is cheese in the chicken which could melt your mouth away....

They have many more menus you can choose. They have box set, chicken pop, chicken chop etc.

ps: This is @ Angry Chicken, Low Yat Plaza

4. Nasi Ayam Hainan

My brother brought me here because this is one of a good nasi ayam here in KL.
So I tried their famous nasi ayam.
Nothing interest me.
I personally think the 'hainanese's sauce is quite salty. or maybe that's how the sauce should taste? because I never taste hainanese sauce before hehehe

oh, not to forget, their lemon madu is so so so sedapppppp.
it is one of their recommended menu!

Nasi ayam: RM11.00 (nasi ayam peha)
lemon madu: RM6.50

ps: @ Restaurant Nasi Ayam Chee Meng. 

5. Family Mart's Ice Cream

I specifically chose cheesecake ice cream because I am not a big fan of matcha. so that's the reason why I'm getting myself cheesecake!

It really tastes sweet but to have a cheese cake as an ice cream? probably no.

maybe because I imagine it to taste like cake, fluffy and sweet but then it tastes like ice cream (obviously, lol)

Overall, I enjoy having it but it doesn't taste like how I want it to be hahahaha.

Price: RM2.90
Place: Family Mart

6. Pasta Zanmai

Iced Chocolate!! Finallyyyy

I am craving for iced chocolate for the longest time and finally it's here! Hehehehehe

Chicken Curry Katsu: RM22
Ice Chocolate: RM7

If you watched my vlog, you'll know that actually I was craving for some japanese foods!

The chicken curry katsu wasn't that bad but I personally prefer it to be eaten without the curry (?) hahaha
Probably because the curry is not that umph to me!

ps: Pasta Zanmai @ NU Central, KL.

that's all for CNY! Thank you so much for reading it! I hope you enjoy this kind of blogpost!

See ya when I see ya!


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    1. guna photoscape! fonts download sendiri kat website :)