Friday, June 08, 2018

My thoughts lately...


I know, this is probably the longest time I took to update an entry/blogpost. So sorry for that. My life has been complicated lately. I felt unloved, not important etc. and I'm taking a little bit much time to sort things out. I keep on running away from my problems for such a long time.

Maybe this is the moment when I think I'm about to be 'adult' like you know, you are just rebel at that one stage of your life, you doesn't want to listen to what people tell you, you are being rude to you elders etc. I am at that stage of life right now. I'm trying to control my emotional throughout this stage but I couldn't. I keep it to myself instead of talking to people. Sometimes I think I have anxiety but there will be a point that I think it just my mind trying to manipulate my heart to feel unloved, anxiety etc.

I keep this problem lowkey because I don't think I have a major problem in this issue. I am sorry if you have to read this. I just think that blog is where maybe I can share my story anonymously.

Apologize that I make my blog as my personal diary.

The purpose I am blogging is to share my passion with the people who read my blog but now, I am typing a bit emotional entry.

Here's a bit problem that I want to share with you :) please expect more information updates soon InsyaAllah!


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