Tuesday, May 01, 2018

It's not true



My mother just got back from kampung and I am so happy that she is finally here in front of my eyes. Alhamdulillah. Suddenly, my mother realized that I am started getting 'bigger' and she asked me to control my food intake, go to jog etc. I hope she knows that...

When she was not here at our home, I took her job/responsibilities to cook (nothing fancy, what I did most of the time is frying chickens), to take care of the babies, to serve teas for the elders, to wash the clothes, etc. I barely have time to go jog and do some exercises.

I felt tired after 5PM like, I straight away knocked off after that.

I realized that being a fully housewife is not easy and I rarely see my mother goes to jog. I don't blame my mother for that... but I blame people when they started to accuse me that I eat A LOT and eat sugar high, cholesterol foods everyday... and everyone starts to believe that.

I don't know but I think this is like... body shaming?

There are guest at my house today and suddenly someone just told the guest that I ate cheese everyday, I ate bread with cheese, I ate cheese with eggs, etc. and none of it true AT ALL! I felt sad and I don't know how people can feel proud about telling other people about you? without feeling guilty at all? Does making your 'audience' pay full attention on you makes you feel proud of shaming someone? and tell lies to them?

I feel disgusted and betrayed when they did this to me. please, you don't even know what I went through mentally and physically so stop embarrassing me.

So, moral of the story, stop shaming people just to attract some attention.

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