Monday, September 03, 2018

FOOD REVIEW: another sangkaya #nitzeatz

Salam/hi everyone!

Ok I know the last time I posted on my blog I told you sangkaya-is-not-that-good  food but the second time I tried them I was like -- WHY I TOLD YOU GUYS THAT IT IS NOT DELICIOUS AT ALL? Dammnnnn, I love love love sangkaya a lot!

Ok, back to the topic.

I went to Food Empire @ MyTown with Mardhiah and Nadia to have lunch and I thought, why not I tried this one.

the price is not that bad and I thought maybe sangkaya taste the same at every stall but nope - this one doesn't taste GOOD just like the real boat noodle one!!.

It costs RM6.90,
9 pieces of bread,
a bowl of the dip ( idk what it's called hahaha)
rating: 2/5

meh, I still love boat noodle's sangkaya though!

Click HERE if you want to read my previous review about sangkaya (obviously I didn't realize it is the best sangkaya, EVER!)

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