Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Nita (S)t(u)dent Diary - DAY 1 | "Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta"


I just want to let you know that... urm... I updated the Day 1 on the 2nd day because yesterday was an exhausted day! My schedule is super packed for Mondays and Thursdays. Plus, my roommates are about to sleep when I wanted to update Day 1. I think these are relevant excuses, right? Hahahah

Getting know with new lecturers and meet my previos lecturers are the best part of the day actually. Like, we asked each other what had happened during the sem breaks and our lecturers asked our pointer too! (seram!

What I like about 1st day is, it is always be about letting us know what will we learn for the next classes, getting know about our new lecturers' backgrounds and so much more.

Meeting our previous lecturer is not that bad too! we talked about the final exams like how lucky we are that we got the last semester's final paper as ours too! Like, it is exactly the same question! and how proud they are for our GPA and banyaklah! 

I just love the vibe of the 1st day. it just a chill day, no stress... but not until the 100-ish days though... you will find a  lot of angry, sad, disappointed blogpost on those days. trust me.

x, Nita.

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