Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Nita (S)t(u)dent DIARY - DAY 2 | Communication is the key


I thought i'm about to update DAY 2 right after I updated my Day 1 but that's kind of impossible since I need to do a lot of things.Plus, my battery is getting low. So, I decided to charge it first for awhile before I update another blogpost.

The best thing happen today is - ONE CLASS ONLY.

I feel super excited when I get to know that I have one class for the whole day today... and tomorrow which means more sleep on these two days #priority

Today I attended my Communication English class. I love how my lecturer approached us. She embraced us to be braver when it comes to communication (especially in English) It's okay if we can't speak in English fluently at least we tried. 

She even told us that we should work to find experience first before we have our real job one day. She also told us to dream big so that we will work hard to achieve it. And there's a loooooooot of life lessons she told us today. Unfortunately, I can't type everything on here because sis is busy hahaha

 So, have you plan your life yet?

x, Nita.

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