Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Goodbye 2018... Hello 2019!


Welcoming 2019 with a warm heart  is kind of scary to be very honest. The thought of becoming a 20 years old lady (?) is scaring me. It means that I have a bigger responsible and a greater challenge. It means that I need to be a responsible adult now... I have to look like an adult, think like an adult and work like an adult. #ialmostpeemypantsthinkingaboutit

Of course, like anyone else I have my sweet and bad memories in 2018. But one thing for sure, the bad memories should be taken by me in the deepest part of my heart - so that they could be my teacher in the future. The sweet memories? I will cherish it til my last breath. I met a lot of people, I knew better on how to be more polite and I learn how to be a better me. That is what matters the most.

Being myself is quiet challenging to me. I hate the fact that my ideology/concept is different with other people and it took time to tell myself that, "it's okay to be yourself"

  • Don't think everyone likes you; because they are not you. You should love yourself more than anyone else.
  • If someone says no, you have to know why instead of forcing them to say yes.
  • Question every moves; "why this could be happened?" "Is there any other way to do this?" - because I believe, by having more opinions in one case means teamwork, understanding and motivation.
  • being independent doesn't mean you are alone, you just care about other people.

  • Work harder
  • Silent is better
  • Think before you talk
  • Stay healthy

That's sum up how I felt about 2018 and my resolutions in 2019. How about yours? Share it with me, who knows maybe we have the same resolution?

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