Sunday, December 16, 2018

Nita (S)t(u)dent Diary - DAY 5 | BEING RESPONSIBLE


Friday, I always happen to loveeee Friday more than the other days (I think everyone does!) because I'll happily be waiting my father to fetch me go back home! Yeah, I can say that if I was in previous semesters. 

Since there are another 2 weeks before Christmas and New Year holidays, my dad (and  I) decided to just fetch me on the next Friday. That's the reason why I have time to kill for the weekend. I'm writing this at my dorm though (obviously in my room) or else I don't have much time to update this when I'm at home.

I have one hour class on Friday. I supposedly have two classes but my lecturer have a business to do so she asked me to take notes and photostat it to give it to my classmates. I told them that I'll be giving them the notes on  Monday because most of us go back home on Friday.

I did my daily routine like usual. Going back to my dorm, eat, pray and etc. When I'm about to take a nap, it just hit me that... I haven't photostat the notes yet. If I did it on weekend, most of printing service shops are closed on weekend. I asked few of my friends if they can help me but most of us are busy. I was panic. I didn't know what should I do till I remember there is one service printing at our dorm area. I thought they were closed as they usually open at night but Alhamdulillah, it still open! yeay!

It's not easy actually being responsible. I still remember about how much I hate responsibility. When I was selected to be the class rep., I don't think I really can do the job but everyone has a count on me. So I give it a thought - why not give it a try, right?

After the whole last semester, I just realized that whenever I did my job as a class rep., it's not about being responsible, I'm helping my friends - that's it. That's what I always think of when I do my job. It helps me a lot in knowing them better. When I know them better, it gets easier for me to work in team with them. 

My classmates have been helpful to me when I needed their helps. I'm glad I have them as my friends.

x, Nita.

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