Sunday, February 03, 2019

Facial Wash I've Used

Salam/hi everyone!

It took me a lot of courage to post this kind of update because you know, I am not that expert in skincare but I believe, everyone deserve to share something beneficial to anyone else. So here I am!

My skin type: DRY-OILY SKIN

1. Safi Balqis Pembersih Muka Kawalan Minyak dan Jerawat
This one is the true OG. I still remember I used this one when I started to be really serious in taking care of my face. When I was younger, I used to hate to put skincare products on my face because I believed to "natural beauty" *facepalm* Till I was in Form 5, I slowly started my skincare routine. I did some research, asked people even bertapa at the pharmacy just to find products that suit me. Ok, back to the story. if you just about to start your skincare routine, trust me - SAFI BALQIS is the best! It doesn't irritate my face and doesn't give you the best result I must say. I mean, bolehlah kan sebab we just want something yang 50-50 rather than beli yang paling mahal, ended up muka lagi teruk. So, I suggest you to try this one first. I even told my friends about this and they all AGREED that Safi Balqis is a good product!
2. COSRX's Low PH Good Morning Cleanser
I bought this masa tengah berduit. Hahaha it's normal I guess! This facial wash once has been viral before so as someone who FOMO, I bought this for myself. Tbvh, this facial wash is so-so je. But maybe it is a Low PH kan, of course it is good for skin (but not for me) To me this is a bit pricey (note: pricey as in if you are a student).
3. YADAH's Bubble Deep Cleanser
This one also same, nothing great about this product. I bought this product because it was on sale on Hermo, why not right? I tried it on and this was my first time trying bubble facial wash. - super duper saving - It took me over 3-4 months to finish this up. -also a SO-SO product.
4. SIMPLE's moisturizing facial wash
My first impression on this product: cheap Hahaha I knowww right? I bought this sebab murah je. If not, maybe I tak beli hahahah. SIMPLE products were also on viral masa tu but maybe I bought the wrong one. (ps: SIMPLE has a lot of diff types of facial wash) This product unfortunately irritates and dries out my skin. Whenever I applied it onto my face and then after few seconds, poof! My skin totally dries out which I HATE a LOT.
5. HIMALAYA's Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wash
This one - the KING of all the facial wash (that I've used). I really really REALLY love this product! It feels so smooth on my face and it really is moisturized my face! One point you have to know about this product is : when you apply it on your skin, it actually doesn't produce much bubble like any other products. I don't know why but in case you want to know more, you can do some research about it! ps: my current facial wash!
6. HADALABO's Hydra and Whitening Facial Wash
The weirdest facial wash I've ever used. You need justtttt a little dot when you apply it on your face. SO super saving this one. you don't have to squeeze like any other facial wash because when you apply a lot, it actually feels like you need to put more pressure on your face.
7. B.liv facial wash (not in picture)
I bought this on HERMO because it was on sale. From RM60+ to RM10. Crazy sale one. So I just quickly add-to-cart without thinking twice. Also a so-so product. Nothing much changed actually.

QOTD: What is your current and favourite facial wash? Share la! :)  Who knows it works on me kan?

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