Monday, October 21, 2019

OOTD : Bow down to da queen!


OMG! I am so excited to be back on the track! Like, my life is finally cool down for awhile and I can update more stuff on my blog! Few months I have been MIA and now I am updating you guys with my current life! Hehehe

Nothing much special on this update but I just want to update more on my outfit!

So I posted this yesterday and I thought I would like to tell you further about this outfit on my blog (since no one is going to read on IG obviously, lol) but it's okay! Eventhough I know not everyone is going to read this post, I just want to put it here as a memory so that I know... styling is not easy! 

It needs effort and time to gather the idea and there is so much risk to make it happen but Alhamdulillah, I made it eventually!

Ok, First of all when I got to know that the theme was Raja Sehari, I totally didn't expect that like... Do I have to find my partner?... now? Where can I find one?! On Tinder ah? Hahahaha I don't have boyfriend so tell me how should I rock this event? *cries*

So I was thinking to just not think about my +1 but instead I focus on what should I wear during this event.

I know that I will not going to look good on dress, so I decided to give a go on my suit. I googled and found few pictures that is attractive and I wish I could wear just like them!

I don't really love to waste some money for just a one day event so I decided to wear my suit and modified it a bit.

The veil that you see is actually from Shopee! Yup, it is from Shopee! 

I made it happen on THAT day. I rushed to take my parcel and straight away modified it at my rent house. I asked my friend to make it happen just like how I dream it to be. Fortunately she is good at doing this thing and voila, we made it happen! and I was SO SO happy to know it will become alive like how I dream it.

(white henna done by my friend)

Tbvh, I was mindlessly thinking how should I rock my veil. I don't want to put it on my hijab though because I know it's going to be heavy for me to drag it everywhere...

But then suddenly I remembered Kendall Jenner rocking it on a Chanel Haute Couture (on 2015? Pardon me if I was wrong)

source: Google

And yass gurl! Nita made it! I nailed the look!

I don't spend much money on this look.

The crown: from my sis
The flower: self-made

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