Friday, June 09, 2017



First and foremost, salam takziah to Shea Rasol's family.

I knew Shea before I started my blogging career. Someone who I never met and I love her personality. I knew her through TV show she hosted, her friendship with Dian Pelangi, Maria Elena and every bloggers out there. Such a kindhearted lady she was. I still remember there was this time where she had social experiment. People bashing her and saying she shouldn't wear hijab if she looks like this etc.

After few days, she confessed that she did it for experiment purposes and she was so brave to do it! Even Yuna support her!

Shea Rasol, someone who I wished to be like, thoughtful, beautiful and kindhearted soul.

May Allah bless your soul, Shea.


Maybe some of you wants to know her blog, here is the link:

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