Sunday, November 12, 2017

#NITZEATZ : The best nasi lemak EVER!


Few years back, I had this nasi lemak because I didn't have much choices back then when we went to a shopping mall. I was being arrogant thinking that this meal which served at a small area (kind of like a stall(?)) aren't delicious at all. After I tried this and...

 OMG, it is the best NASI LEMAK I've ever tried!

No kidding!

I love their ayam rendang so much! It reminds me nasi lemak the airplane served (if you had tried some)

The price and the taste?
worth it.

Location: Ah Cheng Laksa
Price: RM10.90
Another recommended meal: Pan Mee & Curry Laksa (my favs too!)


  1. Nasi lemak memang sedap lebih2 lagi kalau orang pandai masak nasi lemak.. hehe.. btw deeba follow sini.. jemput singgah blog deeba..