Sunday, February 04, 2018

Secret Recipe’s Shinjuku Nutella Bake #NitzEatz


Few days ago I decided to hang out with my friends because we were having our Thaipusam’s holiday. So we wanted to try (and share) some of the foods we found interesting.

This shinjuku nutella bake was in the list.

I kind of disappointed with the taste because this food went viral when Kak Iman (blogger) tweeted that everyone should give it a try. A lot of people who have eaten it tweeted that it really tastes so gooood.

But it is a NO NO to me. It just another hyped up food.....

1. probably because it’s hangus. (I mean, the worker here probably baked it way too lama) (look at the picture, you can see the hangus part)
2. I don’t like nutella

3. It's expensive and not worth my money

I don't really mind spending THAT much amount of money on good food but it does not worth my money. or maybe because it doesn't suit my tekak. anyways, 

they have 4 toppings;
1. nutella
2. caramel
3. maple
4.  (tak ingat pulak heheh)


Price: RM12.50
Portion: One hungry people could buy two
Flavor: I think if you try the maple one will taste better than nutella 
3/5 stars

See ya when I see ya,

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