Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Power of Dua


Final exam is just around the corner and it is the time when I will get exhausted the most. Projects that need to be submitted, study for my finals and so much more. This is the time I tried to connect with Him more and I wish that I'm not THAT selfish but trust me, I'm being one right now... 

Anyways, I want to share this Dua with you because for the past few weeks, I always feel at ease even though the pressure is everywhere due to the new projects, last minute plans etc.

I don't have the real version of this Dua but maybe there's similar one. I hope you will always at peace when you read this Dua. Amiin. 

I asked Allah;

"Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku sepanjang hari ini"

I just discovered this Dua and wallahi, I always feel at peace even though everyday we have new (last minute) projects. Share with me if you have one Dua that always you read after prayers!

InsyaAllah, it works to us, who always pray to Him, Amiin!

See ya when I see ya,

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