Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Blog Hack 101: How to change your default fonts on Blogger with Google fonts

Hi! I had no idea on how to do this yesterday. Majority of the bloggers sharing the same tutorial but I still don't get it. and I've read the comments too saying that they also didn't get it on how to use it. So here's the tutorial for you!

1. Choose your Google Fonts.

I'm not sure if you have any other sources but I prefer to use Google Fonts since it is easy to use and free license!

Choose any fonts you want and then click the '+' button

2. Click STANDARD > copy the code

3. Paste to Edit HTML

after you done copy it, you need to go to Blogger > Theme > Edit HTML and paste it under  <head> 
make sure you put  /  before the closing >


What you need to do is you have to scroll down until you see these options. 

Let say you want to change your Page Body fonts,go to the first pink box and change the 1st and 2nd yellow boxes to your fonts name and it is the same step for the Blog header and post titles (pink boxes) as well.


andddd you are Done! 

Comment down below if you manage to change it and let me know if there is any error!


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