Saturday, December 15, 2018

Nita (S)t(u)dent Diary - day 4 | The future of NITASU


I know I'm late to update this (again). I have so much errands to do but I'm so glad that I made it to update this blog (even I'm 2 days late!). 

Anyways, NITASU . yeah, it has been few months now I have planned to introduce to you my fashion accessories line. I put a lot of ideas and effort in the whole process so I hope you will be supporting me <3

I hope NITASU will be a huge brand in the future. Not just a-business-run-by-college-student. I hope so. Fyi, I put the whole ideas by my own. I still couldn't find anyone I trust to be in my team. InsyaAllah, if NITASU is successful within next few months, I will find someone who I trusted enough to be on my team. InsyaAllah, Amiin.

Btw, the reason why I talked about NITASU on the DAY 4 is because  on this semester, I take Digital Entrepreneurship Development (DED) which needed my friends and I to run a business globally. yup, it's on another level  now. unlike last semester, our focus are more to the students but now, it is for the whole world. 

And by seeing this opportunity, Alhamdulillah I finally could focus on NITASU. 

If you want to be the first to know about the collection,

x, Nita.

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